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This is a video taken of the car that later drove through the group of protesters. In the video, a group of protesters exits the downtown mall turning on to Water St. with many anti-protestors following. The car also follows them in the direction of…

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This was taken when KKK protesters were trying to circle around the Downtown Mall back to the statue. At the time this image was taken, this woman was standing up to a member of the KKK (not pictured).

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This image was taken moments after the gray mustang plowed through the crowd of counter-protesters on 4th Street. The man in this picture can be seen in other pictures, by other artists, flying in the air. My dad (on the left) rushed to help get…

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The police force was taking formation so that the protesters could not get to the statue.

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There were small fights and disputes between the protesters and counter-protesters and this picture was taken from one of them.

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This was taken on Fourth Street on the Downtown Mall. This was also taken minutes before the gray Mustang rammed through the crowd of counter-protesters.

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This was taken when KKK members and others protesting with them were circling back around to the Downtown Mall to try and get to the statue. Police officers took a stance to make sure this did not happen.

This was taken at McGuffey Park. The KKK had just come back from McIntire Park. The Man with the prosthetic was thanking the police force for doing their job. The police force stood silently and sternly.

This was taken moments before the grey mustang rammed through 4th street. The pack of counter-protesters were deciding whether to turn left or right, and while the group was deciding on which way to go, I snapped a shot of this woman.