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The University of Virginia Collection on the Events of August 11-13, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA

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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Charlottesville Pedestrian Mall"

The Attacker's Car

This is a video taken of the car that later drove through the group of protesters. In the video, a…

Black Lives Matter

1W8A2624 (1).jpg
This was taken when KKK protesters were trying to circle around the Downtown Mall back to the…

A Broken Femur

1W8A2810 (1).jpg
This image was taken moments after the gray mustang plowed through the crowd of counter-protesters…

Too Close

1W8A2462 (1).jpg
The police force was taking formation so that the protesters could not get to the statue.

Black Lives Matter

1W8A2560 (1).jpg
There were small fights and disputes between the protesters and counter-protesters and this picture…


1W8A2779 (1).jpg
This was taken on Fourth Street on the Downtown Mall. This was also taken minutes before the gray…

Armed and Ready

1W8A2427 (1).jpg
This was taken when KKK members and others protesting with them were circling back around to the…

Police Form a Perimeter

DSCN0625 (2).JPG
Police arrive to form a perimeter around a group of militia members who were being pursued by…

Police Arrive at the Scene of the Crash

Taken in the alley where the vehicle incident occurred, photograph depicts police arriving shortly…