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The University of Virginia Collection on the Events of August 11-13, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA

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  • Item Type: Moving Image

The Attacker's Car

This is a video taken of the car that later drove through the group of protesters. In the video, a…

Alt Right member’s comment to me

I was driving down Mcintire Road and saw a members of the Alt Right walking toward Mcintire Park. I…

Lone “soldier “

A few days later, this guy showed up & was quickly surrounded.

Rugby Ave

Video I took post rally of individuals walking to McIntire Park.

Post Rally on Rugby Ave

I took this video from my front yard

Clips from Rotunda

A few short, low-quality clips of the march up the lawn and the scene at the Jefferson statue. I had…

Nazi marchers moving to McIntire

Marchers after original protest shut down

Helicopter over the rally the entire day

I live several blocks from the park. On our morning walk, my husband and I went past it and saw…